Our Rescue/Surrenders Program

Adoptions from stressinabox are local, Chicago area, only. If you are too far for us to consider, your form will not be responded to. We also
want you to expect a possible home visit or video chat, to make sure
these babies are going to a loving and well-prepared home. Since these rescues were taken from a stressful and neglectful situation, we
want to make sure they aren't put back into another. An adoption
fee of $50-$100 will apply for each rescue adopted to cover the costs of supplies used to rehabilitate and/or treat any health problems. 

We rescue in memory of Mushu, one of the first rescues that ever came through our doors. We have rescued over 100 axolotls since August
of 2018. We rehabbed them, and have rehomed every single one!



Morph: Wildtype

This presumed male came in with a group of 7 siblings. He's a little more obnoxious than his sister Skittles and enjoys splashing us during water changes. He likes to run laps around his tub as well so we can only imagine what he'd be like in your tank! 

(Available for Adoption on 6/29/2021)

Huey, Duey, & Luey

These three aren't a packaged deal but they are roommates! They're about 5 inches long and love doing dog piles in the corner of their tub. They are also the best eaters in the group! They also came in with the group of 7 siblings and have been doing fantastic here at Stressinabox Aquatics. Each of them has their own unique personalities and we just love it!

(Available for Adoption on 6/29/2021)



Morph: Wildtype

The result of a custody battle, this little lady came in in rough shape. She's been slowly getting back to herself though! It's been baby steps to get her to tiptop shape. She's still suffering from a bit of a floaty butt, but it doesn't seem to hold her back!