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Stressinabox Aquatics was founded in 2017 by Social Media influencer Jess Anderson who goes by stressinabox online! She is best known for having over 2 million TikTok Followers. See her other social media platforms below.

Mercy's Light

Mercy has been keeping a secret from his loved ones and his village. A secret that could very well end his life. Descended from a group of ancient warriors from Aitus, Mercy is destined to become the greatest Keeper of Light the planet has ever seen, but one mistake will cost him everything.


With his secret out, Mercy must now find a way to free his people and keep himself alive before Queen Mala and her Unity Council can cause any more damage. With the help of his best friend, Sylas, and an unlikely ally from the capital of Ozra, Mercy will need to master his Keeping of the Light Source and learn to accept who he was always meant to be.  

In this Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, Mercy must go on a life-changing journey to find his inner strength, confront his traumas, face his greatest fears, and find his voice. 

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