About Us

Jess Anderson


Jess has always had a love for aquatics since she was little. Her love of axolotls began in 2012 when she fell in love with them after seeing a post on a website. She began researching them as much as possible and in 2015 finally got one to call her own. About a year went by when she decided she wanted to start breeding these fascinating animals. She quickly fell in love with the hobby and Anderson Aquatics was born in 2017. She expanded to rescuing and rehabbing axolotls in 2018. By the time 2019 came around Jess had begun working at a local pet store and she launched her TikTok under the username stressinabox where her animals caught the attention of over a million people! While working at the pet shop she bought her first betta fish, Kevin, home. It wasn't long until her long time betta loving sister convinced her to try her hand at betta breeding in early 2020 and Anderson Aquatics rebranded as Stressinabox Aquatics!

Christina Anderson

While Jess started off with a love of axolotls, Christina began with a love of betta fish. She started her obsession in college in 2010, where she constantly had betta fish as her dorm pets. Upon graduation, her love for bettas quickly blossomed into ALL aquatics. Her knowledge of aquatics goes beyond just bettas and axolotls. She can step into a fish store and name just about any aquatic animal there. Seeing how much Jess enjoyed her time raising her first clutch of baby axolotls, Christina encouraged her sister to turn her hobby into something more, which Jess was excited to do. Christina stepped in to help Jess keep her blooming breeding business in order and quickly became a vital, behind the scenes part in keeping the business going and keeping Jess's head on straight.